A new (wideband) milestone with Blink @ AWS

Thursday, Oct 05, 2023
A new (wideband) milestone with Blink @ AWS

Hey folks!

It’s been a while since our Blink modem reached 4.5+ Gbps speeds in laboratory tests, but don’t fret, the radio silence (ha ha) does not mean we’ve stopped there. We’ve been pretty, pretty busy!

Today we’re proud to show you, with an actual example, how Blink works in tandem with AWS Ground Station WideBand DigIF (Digital Interface), in order to provide a complete ground station solution for high-throughput payload downlink from an Earth-Observation satellite.

With our dear colleagues from AWS we’ve described this in a detailed blogpost that includes both high-level solution overview of the architecture, thorough explanations and a link to the repository with the code you can use to try this yourself! Feel free to get yourself a cup of beloved beverage, dive in and test it out. We’d be happy to hear your feedback! :)