ultra fast

Ultra-fast: over 1 Gbps on a mid-range COTS server


  • Any amount of data with low latency
  • Supports an arbitrary number of parallel channels
  • No hard limits on the number of parallel input streams or data stream length


scalable solution

Scalable solution


  • Different product packages based on the performances and downlink capacity
  • From a few Mbps up to 1 Gbps and more with Blink MINI, MIDI and ULTRA product packages


Rich reporting

Rich reporting


  • Rich, precise reports with verbose processing metadata, overall statistics and graphical overview
  • Live progress report included (updated at a configurable frequency)



Automation and integration


  • Available adapter for the Monica M&C system, prepared for integration with other M&C systems
  • Can be integrated with any standards-compliant demodulator
  • Multi-purpose command-line utility to work with mission data



Easy maintenance


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Affordable replacement hardware, almost no custom component to fail
  • Shorter outage: hours, not weeks



Flexible business models


  • Standard license or pay per use